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Laser Cutting Services in Faridkot

About TruLight LaserTech

Laser Cutting in Faridkot, Laser Cutting Services in Faridkot, Laser Cutting Job Work Company in Faridkot, CNC Laser Cutting at best Price in Faridkot. TruLight LaserTech specializes in fiber laser cutting in Faridkot. We offer the speediest, precise and reliable CNC laser cutting services in Faridkot and can meet the needs of our customers. In addition, We offering best laser cutting services in Faridkot with high-quality and economical laser engraving services in Faridkot.

From modern and classic metal cutting services in Faridkot, we are professional in acrylic displays cutting services in Faridkot for businesses and offices interior, we utilize our experience.

CNC Laser Cut Services in Faridkot using CNC router cutting. With the help of digitally operated "laser cut service in Faridkot" which is oscillating connected to camera readings and a specially designed registration marking system, we can create precise prints and with best laser cutting job work in Faridkot.

We provide laser engraving on a broad range of materials like cold-rolled Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless Steel wood substrates. We provide services with the highest level of expertise, high-tech machinery, and an extensive understanding of metalworking. We have large team of highly skilled craftsmen with decades of experience and expertise to create parts according to the specified demand.

At TruLight LaserTech, we're certain that we can provide the most cost-effective and less risky solution than the competition. Our machines' most crucial security features include the low cost non-contact with low Inertia. In addition, lasers can meet any metal, even the hardest ones. Another significant aspect of this machine is the speed at which it operates. In addition, it's able to cut through any material from rubber to plastic. It also has an extraordinary energy density.

A fundamental requirement for the ongoing maintenance and growth of the company's goals is establishing and validating the quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 certification. TruLight LaserTech recognizes that the areas that deal with quality, health and safety, and environmental management form integral to the management functions. We consider these disciplines an essential responsibility and will be the key to successful business practices implementing suitable quality standards. Whether you're cutting aluminium stainless steel or mild steel, TruLight LaserTech can design equipment that meets any requirements. Contact us today for more details and a quotation.

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New Generation Fiber Laser Technology

Laser Cutting, Marking & Engraving.
German High Power Fiber Laser.
Work Accuracy.

New Generation CNC Bending Machine

High Speed Metal Bending.
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TruLight LaserTech is a MSME Certified Company
Why Use

Fiber Laser Technology

  • High quality components recognized worldwide.
  • Best quality metal sheets can be cut with autofocus system.
  • Capable of achieving a very high acceleration.
  • Automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system.
  • Modern and compact design.
  • Low operating cost and low energy consumption.
  • Excellent cutting results on all types of material.
  • Dynamic structure and easy to use.
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